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EDL specialise in the manufacture of complex precision castings in various aluminium’s, bronzes and brasses, and ship worldwide. Our batch sizes range from 1 off to larger batch quantities. We offer three primary casting processes:

We work in all grades of aluminium alloy, including specialist aerospace aluminium alloys and have the support of a dedicated quality assurance department equipped for smelt analysis, x-ray crack detection and dye penetrant inspection of precision cast aluminium components, along with precision bronze and brass castings. 

Engineering and Developments manufacture precision castings in the following grade materials:

Metal: Aluminium Grades |  Bronze Grades |  Brass Grades

Aluminium Grades
LM4, LM6, DTD 716 (LM8), LM25M/TF, LM25 TE/TB7, DTD 5008, DTD 5018, BS2 L99, A 356, AE 109, BS L155,
BS L169/A 357, C 355, ENAB 44200, ENAB 45200, ENAB 46200

Aluminium / Bronze and Other Material Grades
AB1, AB2, G1, HTB1 LOW LEAD, HTB1, LG3, LG4, PB1, PB2

Over the years EDL has manufactured specialist precision castings for the defence, aerospace, marine, commercial, automotive industry sectors, as well as for the architectural and art sectors. We also offer in-house design capability for lost wax moulds, die castings and sand core precision aluminium castings.

Precision Castings Manufacturer           Precision Castings Company UK

Aluminium Sand Casting

We can offer a fast turn around on aluminium sand castings with the added benefit of a direct line service for machining and inspection. With over 40 years experience in the production of sand moulds as well as copy casting we have the expertise and experience to handle most aluminium sand casting jobs with a capacity of up to 200kg. With four furnaces and ample space we are ideally suited to both one off as well as high volume production work of precision castings.

Aluminium Gravity Die Casting

For higher volume production work we can undertake aluminium gravity die casting utilising either customer mould tools or mould tools designed and manufactured in-house by EDL.

Our facilities are equipped for the production runs of between 50-500 item batches with in-house sand core manufacture for additional detail. 

Aluminium Investment Castings

Since 1990 EDL have offered specialist investment casting services using lost wax moulds for precision aluminium casting, mainly for the aerospace sector. Aluminium investment casting is ideally suited to work that requires finely detailed castings, which when combined with metallurgical smelt analysis and NDT flaw detection, such as turbine housings, lightweight aerospace instrument enclosures, engine components and nuclear energy applications.

Aluminium Casting Alloys

EDL have years of experience in the production of aluminium castings for both general work such as architectural castings as well as specialist precision components with quality control applied and materials traceability. We can manufacture precision cast components with a wide range of aluminium alloys ranging from standard LM4 and LM6 materials through to complex alloys for the aerospace industries such as:

We take great care in delivering top quality precision aluminium castings to customer specification on time and at competitive prices. Our primary strength in relation to the casting of specialist aluminium alloys is our spectrographic smelt analysis capability, this means full traceability can be assured with all castings having the correct chemical composition just prior to production.


Aluminium Precision Casting Manufacturer             Aluminium Casting Company UK

Engineering and Developments your complete manufacturer of Precision Sand Castings, Investment Castings in Shell and Precision Machined Castings. If you are looking for a castings manufacturer that can deliver top quality castings to exact specifications on time and at the right price, please contact us today.

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