Precision Sand Castings | Aluminium, Brass, Bronze

Engineering and Development are manufacturers of  precision sand castings in aluminium, brass and bronze materials from our modern sand casting foundry based in Lymington, Hampshire, UK. We have a large well equipped sand casting foundry which can cater for technically challenging precision sand castings and standard cast products.

Castings Foundry - Material Grades:

Aluminium Grades
LM4, LM6, DTD 716 (LM8), LM25M/TF, LM25 TE/TB7, DTD 5008, DTD 5018, BS2 L99, A 356, AE 109, BS L155,
BS L169/A 357, C 355, ENAB 44200, ENAB 45200, ENAB 46200

Aluminium / Bronze & Other Material Grades
AB1, AB2, G1, HTB1 LOW LEAD, HTB1, Lead, LG3, LG4, PB1, PB2

Precision Sand Castings Company            Sand Cast Components Manufacturer UK

Sand Casting Benefits

Sand casting is an attractive option under certain circumstances. Benefits include ease of manufacture in comparison to machined components; speed of manufacture; lower cost of tooling in comparison to die casting and investment casting; and metallurgical properties of finished components which lends advantages towards certain industries. 

Benefits of using EDL for your sand casting include the companies years of experience in the foundry business, a direct line service from foundry to machine shop and our in-house quality & inspection capabilities.

Direct Line Service

Because of our direct line service, foundry and machine shop under the same roof, EDL are in a position to guarantee lead times with greater accuracy over other companies that should there be an issue with the machining of the component would have to wait for a new casting to be produced and delivered, at extra cost and time. With EDL, should production issues result in scrap the job is easily replaced quickly and at no extra cost.

High Value Engineering Components

EDL has over 30 years experience in the provision of high value engineering metalwork components to the most demanding sectors, including aerospace, defence, commercial, automotive and marine. Full traceability can be offered with engraving, documentation, and associated flaw detection on every component if required. With record keeping kept for the life of the application, for example, life of an airplane. Our in-house spectrographic capability means we can ensure melt quality prior to pouring, adjusting elements such as manganese, as required.

Some of our approvals, include Eaton Systems, Flight Refuelling, Cobham, BAE Systems, Ultra Electronics and Sieman's.

Architectural Metalwork

EDL offer cast architectural metalwork and have recently brought on board the key personnel of GF James Pattern makers giving them the capability to offer specialist Bronze castings, including plaques, street furniture, railings, balustrades and stairs. You can read more about EDL's architectural metalwork services here.

Marine Castings

Based in the UK's yacht capital, Lymington, close to Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight EDL have developed considerable experience in the production of marine castings for both the high precision sectors, the MOD, nuclear submarines and naval frigates. As well as commercial and private projects, such as tall ships and historic rigged vessels private luxury yachts and power boats.

EDL have experience in the provision of propellers, general chandlery, including cleats and boom ends, cannon and the naval crowns which are fitted to the top of every Royal Navy vessel.


Using the highest grade sands and bonding resins we can undertake cast prototypes with the equivalent surface finish to that of die casting and investment casting, ideal of product evaluation and testing prior to mass production.

Copy Casting

EDL can cast precision replica's using original parts as pattern moulds. This technique will generally produce slightly undersized castings although for non critical applications this is not always a concern, for example, copying architectural items such as banisters and lamp posts.


Aluminium Alloys: LM6, LM25, L99, A356 and others 
LG2-LG4 Gun Metal & PB1 Phosphor Bronze 
HTB1 High Tensile Brass & AB2 Alloy Bronze 
G1 - G3 Gun Metal 
Lead to BS3909/2 
Sand core capability 
Precise melt control - dual energy furnaces 
In house heat treatment to TE/TF 
Spectrographic melt analysis 
Penetrant NDT facility 
X-ray facility 
Test bar analysis 
CMM mark out capability 
Comprehensive machine shop support


2 Ashland Air-Set Moulding Machines 
1 Shell Core Blowing Rig 
2 PLC Controlled Dual Energy Furnaces 
1 Morganite Furnace 
2 Shot blasting Units 
1 Aquablast Unit 
2 AEW Heat Treatment Ovens 
1 Wild Barfield Furnace
1 Morgan MK V Gas Recuperative Furnace (new)


Castings up to 200 kgs 
Typical Sand batch sizes 10 to 1000

Here at Engineering and Developments, we provide a quality, yet inexpensive solution for the manufacture of all sand casting products and components. Our sand casting foundry can provide pattern making, sand casting moulds and cores, along with top quality machined sand castings to exact customer requirements. 

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  • Best Practice Inspection & Methods
  • 12,000 sq.ft Facility
  • 3 Casting Processes Offered
  • On Site CNC Machining Capacity
  • In-House Heat Treatments & NDT Services
  • Extensive Manufacturing Expertise
  • Quality Management System
  • AS9100 Rev C & ISO 9001:2008


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