CNC Milling Service

EDL offer high volume CNC milling services of precision machined castings and components throughout the UK and internationally. Our modern CNC milling machines and facilities include: 4 axis machining, Solid model programming and close tolerance work. Our capacity is primarily based around state of the art HAAS technology with a specialist focus on the machining of castings. We have invested heavily in recent years in expanding and enhancing the CNC and conventional milling capability. In addition, careful attention to fixturing and tooling systems as well as operator training have produced considerable increases in productive capacity.

The Haas technology platform provides full reliability and accuracy with a common windows control programming interface throughout the milling shop which features advanced tool management, USB accessability and networked programming. All our VF range of CNC mills offer fully integrated 4th-axis rotary tables for multi-sided machining, yielding increased productivity and reduced setups.

We also offer a part machining service for initial casting datum's, customer off load work, etc..

CNC Milling Services    CNC Milling Company UK

Tool Probing

All CNC mills are fitted with tool probing for fast work piece set up which is also used to check finished dimensions inline during production. Combined with a dedicated inspection this means that all components are of the highest quality.

The photos below shows inline tool probing.

CNC Milling    CNC milling of castings & components UK
CNC Milling Southampton, Hampshire    CNC Machining Southampton, Hampshire

5th Axis CNC Milling

Our 5 axis CNC milling machines allow us to reduce setup time and increase our production rate. We also carry out true 5 axis milling from Solid Models as well as machining compound angles. 4 & 5 axis CNC milling is standard work for EDL and all of our primary mills are equipped with 4th axis capability.


1 Haas VF4 with 4th axis and tool probing - X1270 : Y508: Z635
1 Hass VF 2 with trunion providing 5th Axis - X750 : Y400 : Z350
1 Doosan DNM 400 and tool probing - X762 : Y435 : Z510  
2 Haas VF 3 with 4th axis and tool probing - X1000 : Y500 : Z520
2 Haas VF 2 with 4th Axis - X750 : Y400 : Z350
1 Haas VFO E with 4th Axis - X750 : Y400 : Z350
1 Haas MINI mills - X406 : Y305 : Z254
2 Ajax / Brideport manual vertical mills
2 Newall Jig Borers

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