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Engineering and Developments, dye penetrant inspection of castings service is carried out in-house by our experienced and qualified professionals and is used mainly for the processing of aluminium alloy castings. However, this semi-automated equipment is also capable of screening a diverse range of materials. We also offer these specialist services on a subcontract basis.

Dye Penetrant Casting Inspection UK       Dye Penetrant Casting UK

At EDL, Penetrant Inspection is carried out with a fluorescent dye. Dye penetrant inspection is ideal for the detection of surface breaking defects in cast and machined components, particularly in non-ferrous materials.

Using a water washable process, Penetrant Inspection is very versatile and will show the presence, location, size and nature of the defects that are open to the surface but are too small to be seen by normal visual inspection.

In addition to our facilities on site, Penetrant Inspections can be carried out by utilising the familiar aerosol container technique. This method of application is capable of producing satisfactory image contrast combined with enhanced viewing.

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