Foundry | Investment Casting and Lost Wax

EDL have been manufacturing precision aluminium castings from our modern foundry which consists of investment casting & lost wax casting processes. This is accompanied by our precision sand casting & gravity die casting service, which is offered to companies in the UK and internationally. 

With a steady investment in plant and process control systems, the business has grown steadily, providing a diverse range of market sectors with investment & lost wax precision castings. We are a key manufacturer of precision castings to  the aerospace, marine, defence, commercial, automotive and architectural industry sectors. EDL do have the capability within the company for producing high quality  castings & components, machined parts, complex components and assemblies for a wide range of other sectors, if required. 


Precision Components

Investment casting, also known as lost wax casting, offers the potential for finely detailed precision castings with complex internal structures suitable for the most demanding of industries. The investment casting process is complex and involves a number of stages as detailed below:

  • Tooling Design
  • Production of Wax Pattern
  • Preparation of Casting Pattern Tree
  • 7 Layer Ceramic Shell Coating
  • Wax Removal by Melting
  • Metal Pouring
  • Knock Out
  • Sprue Removal
  • Flaw Detection
  • Heat Treatment
  • Machining
  • Finishing
  • Inspection

Quality Control

EDL maintain very high standards of quality control throughout all stages of casting manufacture. Combining our years of experience with the latest technical capability and an array of flaw detection techniques, metallurgical controls and CMM, we are able to offer investment castings for the most challenging performance criteria.

Investment Castings Foundry & Companies UK            Investment Casting & Lost Wax Castings Company



  • Precision Sand Casting
  • Investment Casting
  • Gravity Die Casting
  • CNC Machining
  • Finishing & Assembly
  • Heat Treatments
  • NDT Services
  • 12,000 sq.ft Facility

Waxes & Coatings

Quality of finished castings is dependent entirely on the quality of the waxes and coatings used. We use only the finest new filled, emulsified and straight pattern waxes together with high grade ceramic slurry. Moulds are thoroughly cleaned and internally treated with a release agent prior to coating to ease production and produce parts of high quality.


3 Epic 5, 12 & 35 Tonne Side Injection Wax Presses
2 Mod-tech E-93 Wax injection machines 
1 Bryant 5 Tonne Top Injection Press
1 Sorrin 20 Tonne Top Injection Press
3 Shell Aerators
2 Ceramic Mixers Environmentally Controlled Drying Room
1 1250mm Dia Boilerclave
1 AEW Shell Firing Furnace


Castings from 10 grams to 20 kg 
Typical batch sizes 1 to 500


Linear tolerances down to 0.1mm 
Cast holes, counter bores and threads 
Good surface finish and flatness 
Full inspection support for first off mark-outs

Investment Castings Manufacturing

Precision Cast Components Company UK - Investment                      Investment Casting Companies

Material Grades for the Foundry

Aluminium Grades

LM4, LM6, DTD 716 (LM8), LM25M/TF, LM25 TE/TB7, DTD 5008, DTD 5018, BS2 L99, A 356, AE 109, BS L155,
BS L169/A 357, C 355, ENAB 44200, ENAB 45200, ENAB 46200

Aluminium / Bronze and Other Material Grades

AB1, AB2, G1, HTB1 LOW LEAD, HTB1, Lead, LG3, LG4, PB1, PB2

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