Engineering and Developments manufacture high quality gravity die castings and finished metal parts for complex or very technically challenging volume castings. With the manufacture of our gravity die castings, companies can expect a very accurate dimension of casting, smooth surface finish, inserts options and high tensile strength.

EDL carry out aluminium gravity die cast tool making and aluminium gravity casting to customer specification. With over 30 years of experience EDL have developed an unrivalled competence in the provision of gravity castings in a range of alloys.

Combined with EDL extensive machine shop capability the company can offer a complete in-house service, including quality control to the highest level and tool management.

High Volume Capacity

One of the primary benefits of aluminium gravity die casting is the ease in which high volume casting can be undertaken. Unlike sand casting and investment casting that involve relatively complex set up times, gravity die casting can often be performed at rates of one per minute, allowing for cooling, with the limiting factor being the machining and finishing rate.


EDL can design and manufacture tooling to customer specification and offer a range of commercial options on tool ownership. We hold a large library of customer tooling which is regularly maintained for use at short lead times. We can also use customer tooling as required, including collection and delivery.

Our gravity die foundry has the capacity to undertake castings up to 200kg not including tooling.

For intricate internal features EDL have the in-house capacity to prepare sand cores for a wide range of features.

Plant List

  • 1 Shell Core Blowing Rig

  • 2 PLC Controlled Dual Energy Furnaces

  • 1 Morganite Furnace

  • 1 Heater Unit For Gravity Die Tools

  • 2 Shot blasting Units

  • 1 Aquablast Unit

  • 2 AEW Heat Treatment Ovens

  • 1 Wild Barfield Furnace

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Quality Assurance

EDL hold the EN 9100 / AS 9100 accreditation and operate a dedicated quality control service for the manufacture of casting products and components. The inspection department which is staffed by five permanent highly skilled and experienced engineers, is fully equipped to handle all dimensional inspection processes, as well as facilities for non destructive testing as below.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer a wide range of inspection programmes to suit the product.

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