Engineering and Developments have invested heavily in CNC machinery to give it a modern, efficient machining capability for machining castings and other precision components. We have 8 CNC mills and 4 CNC lathes with 4th and full C axis capability, work piece and tool probing, allowing us to machine parts up to 1250mm long and 500mm in diameter. Batch sizes range from 1 off to several thousand.

To complement our CNC machinery we have 6 conventional machines, allowing us to manufacture small batches and prototypes and to jig bore, jig grind and hone components, often working to tolerances of 0.005 microns or less.


4th Axis CNC Milling & Tool Probing

In addition to our state of the art equipment, we have a modern MRP system to enable competent process control and manage machine capacity, and we use modular workholding systems, vacuum fixturing, contact and optical probing, hydraulic vices and preset tooling systems to minimise setup times and increase productivity.

All our CNC machines are supported by One CNC CADCAM software with direct machine connections, allowing us to import all types of drawing format, and to create, modify and convert CNC programmes which are retained on our server for future use.

Our precision machining capability is complemented by a clean assembly area where we can fit inserts and complete complex mechanical assemblies to meet our customers programme requirements.

Engineering & Developments have the capabilities to machine in the following materials:


All Aluminium grades, All Stainless Steel grades, All Titanium grades, All Brass grades, All Bronze Magnesium

Special Alloys:

Cobalt Chrome, Inconel, Monel grades

Non Metal:

Carbon Fibre, Polyacetal, Nylon, Tufnall, Various Plastics

Machining Capacity

  • 1 Hass VF4 with axis and tool probing

    X1270 : Y508 : Z635

  • 1 Doosan DNM 400 and tool probing

    X762 : Y435 : Z510

  • 1 Doosan DNM 400 and tool probing

    X762 : Y435 : Z510

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Quality Assurance

EDL hold the EN 9100 / AS 9100 accreditation and operate a dedicated quality control service for the manufacture of casting products and components. The inspection department which is staffed by five permanent highly skilled and experienced engineers, is fully equipped to handle all dimensional inspection processes, as well as facilities for non destructive testing as below.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer a wide range of inspection programmes to suit the product.

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